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Non-Intrusive TEC2 Electric Actuator

Valve Automation Systems with
Integrated Control Accessories & Digital
Communications Possibilities

FieldQ™ Actuator

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VAC’S Actuator portfolio is answering flow control’s toughest automation, safety and productivity challenges, inspiring customer success through decades of innovation and proven solutions. VAC is proud to offer a wide range of actuators for many different applications with different frame sizes, horsepower ratings and output speeds readily tailored to your specific applications.


Scotch Yoke Actuators


Bettis G-Series Valve Actuators: The G-Series scotch yoke pneumatic and hydraulic actuator has state-of-the-art features and an enhanced modular design for improved efficiency, reduced wear and extended life. Available with symmetric or canted yoke. SIL 3 suitable and ATEX certified

Bettis CBA-Series Valve Actuators: Compact, lightweight, ideal for automating ball, butterfly, non-lubricated plug valves, or any quarter-turn rotating mechanism

Bettis E-Series (Pneumatic Actuators & Hydraulic Scotch-Yoke Actuators): Operate ball, butterfly, plug valves, and other 90 degree turn devices. They provide a reliable method for operating valves via remote or automatic control by incorporating a variety of accessories

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Rack & Pinion Actuators


EL-O-Matic -Series Pneumatic Rack and Pinion Actuators: F-Series actuators have all the benefits of the E-Series actuators and come standard with Dual Stroke Adjustment, high cycle life and long corrosion protection capability

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FieldQ Actuator: AppFieldQ has been developed to meet increasing customer demand for valve automation systems with integrated control accessories and digital communications possibilities. The introduction of FieldQ provides customers with an integrated, modular, cost-effective and intelligent pneumatic valve automation package

Electric Actuators


Bettis TorqPlus Series Valve Actuators: TorqPlus electric actuators employ a unique modular design to allow for simple retrofits/upgrades using over 200 different accessory kits. All components can be added inside NEMA 4 or NEMA 4/7 rated housings. Torque range from 100 in/lb to 20,000 in/lb



EIM TEC2 Electric Actuator: The EIM TEC2 Electric Actuator with Model 500 is the next generation of the non-intrusive TEC2000 Actuators

EIM TEC2000 Actuator: The TEC2000 series can handle both quarter-turn and multi-turn applications across an extremely broad torque range—using either three-phase or single-phase power

EIM M2CP Electric Actuator: The M2CP electric valve actuators offers a wide range of frame sizes, horsepower ratings, and output speeds readily tailored to your specific applications

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Electro-Hydraulic Actuators


Bettis EHO Electro-Hydraulic Operator - Standard & Smart Versions: The Bettis™ EHO Electro-Hydraulic Operator is a self-contained, quarter-turn, valve actuator that combines proven technologies from Emerson’s Valve Automation. The actuator has been designed for critical shutdown applications where reliability is crucial. The EHO utilizes a dependable spring-return actuator for the fail-safe stroke combined with an integral hydraulic power pack and electronic control module



REXA X2 Linear Actuators: Ideal for globe valves, gate valves, turbine controls, sluice gates or any driven device requiring linear actuation. Larger thrusts available. (100% duty cycle capable. Standard torques from 2,000 lbf to 120,000 lbf)

REXA X2 Rotary Actuators: Ideal for ball valves, butterfly valves, louvers, or any device requiring 90 degree rotation. Larger torques available.( 100% duty cycle capable. Standard torques from 2,500 lb-in to 400,000 lb-in)

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