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Ball Valve Sizes up to 60” bore and to
ANSI 2500 Class Pressure Rating

With the Fisher Z500 metal-seated ball
valve, you can reduce process leakage and
streamline your manual processes

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Excessive process leakage, a lack of automated products and processes, and difficulty identifying and coordinating service needs prevent you from exceeding your compliance, performance, and profit targets. Isolation valves are often the last line of defense before a potentially expensive leakage-related incident occurs. This makes it even more important to have someone you can rely on. Contact VAC for the best valve for your specific application.


Ball Valves


Virgo Floating Ball Valves: Fire Safe design valves are Virgo’s standard offering conforming to API 607 and API 6FA. Valves are tested and Fire Safe certified by Lloyds Register. Specially designed seats and seals in a variety of materials to suit specific applications

Virgo Trunnion Ball Valves:  Antistatic design using spring loaded balls in stem which ensures constant contact between ball & stem and stem & body, dissipating any static charge generated. Double Block and Bleed Design with self-relieving seats for body cavity pressure relief

Virgo Metal Seated Ball Valves: Used in high-temperature/high-pressure process environments. Both the ball and seat are hardened or have an overlay. The hardness of the coated surface varies from 900 HV to 1300 HV. The metal seat provides resistance to abrasion, extended life and wear resistance due to its hardness

Virgo Top Entry Ball Valves: Available in size range of 2” to 60” and in pressure classes of ASME 150 to 2500. These valves are engineered for critical service applications with full inline field reparability and are designed to withstand severe pipeline stresses associated with the application

Triple Offset Butterfly Valves


TriTork Triple Offset Valves: A quarter-turn, metal seated, zero leakage valve that is also light weight. It offers low operating torques, fast cycles, an inherently fire-safe design, a one-piece shaft with blowout-proof construction, sealed bearings, and adjustable shaft seals for low emissions

Severe Service Isolation Valves


Fisher® Severe Service Isolation Valves: A simplistic two-piece floating ball design with an integral metal seat that provides tight shutoff in high temperature, high pressure, and erosive applications across all industries


Knife Gate Valves


ITT Fabri-Valve 33 PTA Heavy Duty Slurry Valve: Incorporates a push-through design for heavy slurry service. Full ported valve eliminates turbulence and has no metal parts in contact with media

ITT Fabri-Valve C37L Lined Knife Gate Valve: Offers the corrosion resistance of a stainless steel lining with the economy of a cast iron body. Fabri-Valve lined valves feature fully supported liners that are vacuum leak tested


Diaphragm Valves


ITT Dia Flo Diaphragm Valve: Dia-Flo diaphragm valves are engineered for tough applications in the chemical processing, mining, power generation, pulp and paper, and water treatment industries.  Dia-Flo weir-type diaphragm valves are utilized to handle media which is corrosive, erosive, or contains solids which tend to clog other types of valves

ITT Pure Flo Diaphragm Valve: The Pure-Flo brand has earned a reputation for innovation, quality and performance. Providing products from standard forged valves to the most innovative block technology, each and every Pure-Flo valve is engineered to the highest standards

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Fuel Gas Isolation Valves


Habonim CSA Approved Fuel Gas Isolation Valves: Offering complete solutions in full port & reduced port vales from ½” to 12”, automated & manual

Plug Valves


FluoroSeal Non-Lubricated Lined & Sleeve Plug Valves:
The EZ-SEAL® offers 360° simultaneous and even compression adjustment of the packing and plug, eliminating side loading. Visual indication takes the guess work out of valve adjustment and remaining service life diagnostic

FluoroSeal Lined Plug Valves: Feature an unpigmented virgin PFA lining applied by Transfer Molding and locked into castings by machined dovetail-shaped grooves, and cast dovetail-shaped recesses in body castings and cast holes.

FluoroSeal Sleeved Plug Valves: Full encapsulation and retention of all leading edges of PTFE sleeve and top seal components

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